Monday, March 9, 2009

Constuction, Accidents, Gunnar and Taxes

Where to begin...
I guess in the middle of all this my daughter had to work a double so Gramma had the Boo for 2 days and 1 night. He loves Papa's power tools(at least the one we let him play with without the bit in it). In this picture Papa helps him climb the ladder. Just so you know, the wire he is grabbing for is not hot.
Dane's putting more power plugs in the L/O so I can plug all my gadgets in without an extension cord. (he knows me well! Lol)
So in between construction we (Me and the Boo) decide to make brownies and the Gunnar Boo got to lick out the bowl. It was a first for him. As you can see, he loved it, but I don't know anyone who doesn't like brownie dough. He is so precious, sometimes I think my heart will explode from so much love! This boy thing is a first for me, I had girls.
While my husband worked so hard up on my L/O, Gunnar, the dogs (Locker-the Jack Russel, JoJo-the Corgi and Juno-Candace's sweet little mut) and I played down in the living room.
Gunnar is showing Gramma what a big boy he is by standing on his car, he actually stayed there while I grabbed the camera off the table. That is my little Gunnar Boo hamming it up.
So to sum it up, in the middle of all this I did get some work done on my taxes...yuck! And just this morning, my husband was cutting some drywall and just about cut the end of his finger off.
That has been the last few days in Gamma Sharon's Life.

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Summer said...

Okay, you guys are the cutest ever!