Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday #4

This theme is possible because of the inspiration of another blogger, Pam at

1. I am so Thankful... that my Locker (a Jack Russell Terrier) is feeling better even though we wont have her for much longer. She has a rare form of bladder cancer.

2. I am so Thankful... that I am finally sitting down and writing this post. Like Pam, I think it is good to think back over your week (this is 2 for me) and appreciate the big and little things that happen in your life.
3. I am so Thankful... that my baby (Dana, my youngest) has turned 23 today.

4. I am so Thankful... that my oldest has found a friend (maybe a boyfriend) that is responsible and seems like an upstanding young man. He is in the Army and has been in Iraq where he got hurt serving our country and is now home.

5. I am so Thankful... that my hubby is almost done with that wonderful pantry he is building me.

6. I am so Thankful... that I found the material to finish the skylights in my new L/O. I am going to re-upholster my desk chair and make a message board with it as well.

7. I am so Thankful... that my middle toe is feeling better since I wasn't watching where I was going and broke it while stubbing it. I don't really know if it is broke but if it isn't, it was the worst pain I felt in a long time.

8. And of course... I am so Thankful... for my sweet, starting his terrible 2's early, beautiful grandson. He is way fun now learning all there is and especially the things he isn't suppose to do. I have so much more patience with him than I did my own.

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Rocksee said...

This is great Sharon! I am so glad I got to read this!! :) Have a happy day!!

Pam said...

Wow, lots to be thankful for this week. Glad Locker is feeling better. Sorry to hear about your toe. I did something similar a couple of year ago (going out for ice cream, of all things) and it really does hurt. Take care of yourself.

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a great list Sharon, I Just wanted to say that I am grateful for you..
Love you Jenn..