Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stinky Dog = Stinky House!

Oh my poor nose... Lol

The new dog (Ruger) gets my hubby up every morning at 5:30 to take him outside... when you gotta go, you gotta go! Anyways, Sat morning was no exception. But.......... Ruger decided to play with a skunk... Lol
Splat... spray... etc! Very stinky dog!!! Very stinky BIG dog!!! So... the online search genius (my hubby) reads everything he can about how to get this stuff off an animal along with the stink. This is what he came up with...
Here is a picture of Dane washing him with a gallon of peroxide, 1/2 cup of baking soda and dish soap all mixed together. After you get it on the dog and scrub him really good it is suppose to sit on him for ten minutes. Dane had to scrub him down with this mixture twice. and it worked for the most part but he was also splat... sprayed on the face and ear.
Couldn't really scrub his face with that mixture so he tried to at least get it on there so it could sit for the ten minutes, but it didn't work as well. Lol
When that was all done he was rinsed off and brought into the house where we proceeded to give him a bath as well hoping that would help around the face... maybe it helped a little... maybe. The hubby couldn't handle it so when that was done he sprayed him with some of his cologne (mind you it was the kind I can't stand). Of course, he didn't want to waste his good stuff on a dog. Lol
Three days later, I think the smell is almost gone... I had to throw away the flea coller (it was so bad, I guess that plastic or whatever it is made out of soaks it in) And I think his regular coller is also going in the garbage. I can't get the smell out of it!
Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend!


Rocksee said...

she may be stinky but she is way so cute!!!

Pam said...

Oh no! We have lots of skunks here and I worry about this with my dog as well. Glad the smell is starting to go away. Ugh!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I shouldn't be laughing but I am I could picture the whole thing and almost smell the stinky skunk smell.
good luck
love Jenn