Thursday, April 2, 2009

What gadget is at the top of your wish list? And a little on my Boo!

I do love gadgets! Right now the one I want the most is a way to plug in my MP3 into the speakers of my truck. I have bought the one that you plug into your lighter but it uses a static channel on your radio in able to hear it through your car speakers. I live in a rural area and so this does not work real well... or I don't know what I am doing! Anyway, I love to listen to books when I am in my car going some place and I love my MP3 but I want it to work in my truck.

And of course I cant quit this post without a picture of my Bug-a-Boo. His first ever... Cinnamon roll.

And then his Mom teaching him a very bad thing. Sticking his tongue out with food on it! Just because Mom didn't want her picture taken.

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travelswithwolf said...

I have a Sansa too, mine is a Sansa300. I am so old school though I use the little doo dad that is looks like a cassette tape and plugs into my headphone jack. (Believe it or not even though my car is an 02 it came with a cassette deck this is the only thing I have ever used it for LOL) I didn't know they sold the radio station kind for anything but IPODs.