Friday, April 10, 2009

It is so close!

As you can see the other side is almost done. I am so excited for it to be done!!! In more ways than one! hehe haha

Happy Good Friday to all!

It has been a pretty busy week and a little sad... went to a funeral on Tues. of a dear friend who was 95 years old and he was married for 68 years! They are the most precious couple. I was ok until I saw Lovina (his wife) get out of the car for the service and then it took all I had to not just break down and cry in front of all. He had a wonderful long life that was full of family and serving God with his wife next to him. I know God welcomed him with open arms! I am going over to visit Lovina today before she leaves to go back to CA.

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Pam said...

Wow, your library really looks great! Love the dark wook bookshelves.

So sorry to hear about your friend. But, what an inspiration - married for 68 years!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

It's so sad for the person who is still here, isn't it?

Your grandbaby is beautiful. Absolutely precious.