Monday, January 4, 2010

Knitting By Anne Bartlett / A Book Review

Knitting Knitting by Anne Bartlett

A very good book. It is a sad story that turns out to be a very good read and happy. Anne Bartlett weaves a story that is seamless in its exploration of healing, grace, and the search for meaning, both within oneself and in the larger community.

"Spinning, weaving, knitting, all part of the long tradition of women's work, skills that had survived even the efficiency of the industrial revolution. Why did people still do it?"

"Knitting" marks the debut of a writer whose work puts her in the company of writers such as Carol Shields, Barbara Kingsolver, and Louise Erdrich.


Diana said...

I am SO far behind in reading! Sounds like a good one.

Candace said...

When did you read this one and why am I just hearing about it now!? LOL Sounds like I will have to borrow this one!

Anne said...

Well i like this book.The characters are odd balls and imperfect and don't have anything in common, but you want them to succeed. I will admit she pulls them together in a odd fashion and they grow in fantastical ways, but the reality is we all are imperfect and we all need some fantasy to fix things.

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Marks said...

That is one of my favorite books.The characters are bizarre and incomplete balls and have nothing in common, but you want them to succeed.It is primarily a story of two women in Australia who become friends more or less by accident, and what happens in their relationship over a period of a year.

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jems said...

Thia is an interested book.This book has been sitting on my shelf because I had as a Christmas present a couple of years. It was a novel, appropriately, knitting. The signs are odd-balls and incomplete, and have nothing in common, but are to succeed.

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