Friday, May 1, 2009


Boy, am I late for Thursday, but at least I am getting it done! :0)
This theme is possible because of the inspiration of another blogger

1. I am so thankful that my youngest (Dana) got home from CA safely.

2. I am so thankful that she also took her dog home. (we are down to 3 dogs now)

3. I am so thankful that I got my taxes paid and have a plan in place to make it easier next year.

4. I am so thankful that my Boo is feeling better. (those darn teeth)

5. I am so thankful that we have started the second phase of our remodeling. I can't wait until I have my kitchen back in order.

6. I am so thankful that my oldest is doing something about her doldrums.

I know there is so much more to be thankful for... but... the brain is just not working properly!

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Pam said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, Sharon. That is so sweet! Seems like you have an awful lot to be thankful for! said...

Great thankfuls!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

A lot to be thankful for!! And wow, all those fun dogs! :)

Drama queens mum said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Rocksee said...

Hey there, visiting from SITS, you have a great blog!!

Was hoping you would visit my site. I am hosting a giveaway to help flood victims of Eagle Alaska. The more comments I get and new followers I get the more money I am donating to the victims!

Stop by and help! :)

Ali said...

Your grandson is adorable! I like to think that boys are my specialty--I've got 2 myself:) I love your thankful Thursday list--when tax season comes around I always say how I'm gonna do better keeping receipts together but I never do:( But this year...this year will be different! I hope!