Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All about the Boo!

Me and my Boo (Gunnar). Being a Gamma is the best. He is doing so many things, sometimes very frustrating but never boring!
And sometimes pretty hard on this 47 year old Gamma's bones.

This was so funny... he had me rolling on the floor. He loves the spray bottle... he just doesn't realize he needs to point it away from his face.
In this picture you can see the bottle spraying and his eyes are closed... he would jump every time. Way to funny... what a nice Gamma to just sit there laughing. Lol

Here he is relaxing with Mom and hamming it up for Gamma.


Sue said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for saying hi. You have a doll baby for a grandson! Your Boo is a looker, and I'm glad he gives you much joy! When I first saw "Gamma" Sharon, I couldn't figure out what kind of name Gamma was. Now I know....LOL Slow..... later, Sue

Jen Sue Wild said...

What sweet pix.. ooks like you are enjoying each other..
Love ya Jenn

Pam said...

Gunnar is a doll! I would have done the same thing with the spray bottle. Too funny!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What a cutie he is!!!!!! I bet you love rolling around in mud puddles with him!! :)

Tulsi said...

I'd better get a spray bottle. I'm not used to small children anymore and have been wondering what to do with them. Our granddaughter isn't born yet so we have a minute or two, but I'd best be prepared.