Friday, July 10, 2009

A Mom's Breaking Heart

When I was growing up my little brother and I fought like cats and dogs. I remember I was a Senior in HS and we had a doesy of a fight and I am talking physical... A SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL! I think that was the last major fight. As you get older, you just learn your siblings and act accordingly. There has been words, but no real harm... just getting things straight!

My little brother is on the left and I am next to him.
Now my girls are 25 and 23 and I am wondering when they are going to realise this... they each have their own idiosyncrasies and they need to learn them and go on knowing that they still love each other (a mothers hope) no matter the conflict!Now my youngest was a challenge, but I do see her trying very hard to make the wrongs in the past right... but sometimes her temper truly does get the best of her... and it doesn't help that they work together. And my oldest, is having a very hard time letting go of the past.

This Mom's hope is that one day they can truly go forward... and be sisters who can know how the other is and go forward knowing there is always the love that surrounded them when they were growing up!

All you Mom's out there, know that this is the most important prayer you can ask God... that your children get along and love each other when they grow up!

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1 comment:

Rocksee said...

They will mom. Something is going to bring them very close. It will happen. :)